Plaintiffs Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Our dedicated injury law team helps individuals and their families who have been seriously injured as a result of negligent or intentional conduct of others. We handle catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases resulting from motor vehicle accidents, aviation disasters, unsafe buildings and walkways, dog bites, medical malpractice, and defective automotive, medical, and other products.

With 17 attorneys boasting almost 300 cumulative years of experience advocating for injured victims, Gallagher & Kennedy’s injury law team has the expertise and big-firm resources to handle your case from initial assessment through financial compensation, whether through trial or favorable settlement. Working alongside our lawyers are highly experienced paralegals, intake specialists, records reviewers, and other legal support staff.

A sampling of our results for injured clients and their families is provided below. Please visit our comprehensive injury law website to learn more about our practice. 


  • $60M+ settlement of mass claims against bus manufacturers and others for death and injuries related to three bus crashes.
  • $10M settlement of claims for child hit by inattentive driver.
  • $6M+ settlement of a young man rendered a quadriplegic in a motor vehicle accident.
  • $4.5M compensation for client hit by cement truck.
  • $4M+ settlement for a widow and sons of a young man killed by dump truck crossover.
  • $3M+ settlement for a pedestrian victim hit by a motor vehicle causing a traumatic brain injury.
  • $1.65M settlement for passengers injured in a motor vehicle collision.
  • $1M jury verdict determining that child driver who killed our clients’ father was insured under a business auto policy.


  • $1.55M settlement for the wrongful death of a cyclist on the faulty road against public entities.
  • $1.5M settlement for triathlete hit by a motorist while training on their bicycle.
  • $1M settlement for a cyclist hit by a pickup truck driven by an impaired driver.
  • $110,000 recovered $85,000 + $25,000 in bodily injury for minor injured by reckless driver.
  • $275,000 settlement against government entity for negligence resulting in a bike path accident.


  • $1.8M settlement of claims for deaths arising from strip club allowing a minor to drink and drive.
  • $1.25M settlement of claims for death of man killed by drunk driver served at strip club.
  • $520,000 settlement against wineries for over serving a woman leading to a fatal car accident.


  • $15B proposed settlement in a multi-district groundwater contamination and tort products liability case against multiple chemical manufacturers, seeking past and future damages to treat and remove the contamination of its public drinking water supply wells and systems.
  • $85M record-setting settlement for State of Arizona in consumer fraud case against Google.
  • $12M unanimous jury verdict awarding $10M in compensatory damages and $2M in punitive damages for breach of an agreement, the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and its fiduciary duties.
  • $16M nationwide class action settlement as co-counsel for plaintiffs in consumer fraud action against the nation’s largest provider of residential security systems.
  • $4.2M settlement of securities fraud class action.


  • $3M settlement of wrongful death claims against Air Traffic Controller for flying small aircraft into jet wake turbulence.
  • $1.125M settlement of major plane crash case in Alaska, the largest award paid to among passengers who brought claims against the air charter business.


  • $15M arbitration verdict for breach of contract on behalf of healthcare provider against hospital.
  • $8M settlement of claims against mental health treatment center for releasing man who beat children to death.
  • $6M recovered for client paralyzed during elective surgery.
  • $5M jury verdict in favor of mother whose son died in a rehabilitation facility as a result of neglect.
  • $3.6M jury verdict in major medical device litigation.
  • $3M settlement for victim of mismanaged medical care.
  • $2.8M settlement for the family of a retired military general who died as a result of hospital staff negligence.
  • $2.7M settlement for the family of a mother who died following childbirth as a result of physician malpractice.
  • $2.1M settlements for two victims of defective medical implant.
  • $2M settlement for victim of surgical negligence.
  • $1.9M settlement against nursing home.
  • $1.25M settlements for two victims of defective post-surgical orthopedic medical device.


  • $50M+ for residents and ranchers devastated in the Ventura County Thomas Wildfires caused by utility.
  • $3M+ settlement for a cowboy who suffered fourth-degree burns and amputated digits from electrical shock stemming from a downed electrical line.


  • $1.325M for family of deceased victim due to an unsafe swimming pool.
  • $1.1M settlement of claims for woman injured by cracked and uneven sidewalk in subdivision.
  • $1M+ settlement for a child injured at an amusement facility resulting in orthopedic injuries.
  • $1M settlement for a woman who sustained serious injuries in a rooftop fall due to concealed construction defect.
  • $283,500 recovered for injuries & damages sustained on the premises of a major store chain.


  • $17M jury verdict against General Motors for transmission slipping from park to reverse and killing a woman.
  • $9.9M settlement for wrongful death of teenager killed by unwanted acceleration of her vehicle.
  • $4.5M settlement for woman injured in crash when defective seat failed.
  • $3M settlement for client injured by defective tire.
  • $1.2M settlement against auto manufacturer for failure to warn claim.
  • $1.7M recovered for family against auto dealership for failure to disclose truck sold as “new” had been stolen, damaged, and fitted with used, defective tires.