Making Sense of It All: Business, the Law and COVID-19

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Making Sense of It All: Business, the Law and COVID-19

Otto Shill is quoted by InBusiness Magazine reporter RaeAnne Marsh article, "Making Sense of It All: Business, the Law and COVID-19."

The primary concern of business owners today is to keep their respective businesses viable.

Otto Shill

Most business owners are adapting to current market circumstances that may be limiting or altering the way they interact with their customers. In addition, many businesses are facing significant cash flow concerns, and government assistance continues to be vital. The second round of stimulus gives many businesses additional aid to assist with their survival.

“However,” Shill adds, “businesses need to stay abreast of regulatory and enforcement changes, many of which come in lists of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ rather than through the normal rulemaking process. We have seen these regulations evolve from announcement to announcement, which makes consistent compliance more difficult, and exposes employers to uncertainty and risk as they seek to take advantage of government benefits.”


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