Lowering the Cost of Litigation

Authored by Jennifer Cranston
Published by Arcadia News

Lowering the Cost of Litigation

It's no secret that prosecuting and defending a civil lawsuit can be expensive. But there are steps that individuals and businesses can take toward avoiding high-cost litigation. Here are my top three points to lower litigation costs:

Be proactive — Thanks to television and movies, a misconception is that lawyers do all their work in the courtroom. In reality, there are a number of attorneys who work outside of the courthouse and. in fact, have nothing to do with lawsuits or litigation. These attorneys focus their practices on services that can reduce the chance of a lawsuit if they are consulted early in the process. Examples of such services include drafting corporate documents: preparing estate plans; assisting clients with real estate transactions: and overseeing compliance with regulations governing a variety of subjects, including the environment, employment practices and intellectual property. So my first recommendation is to be proactive by consulting an attorney before signing a contract or making a decision that could potentially result in a future legal dispute.

Ask questions — If a legal dispute does arise and it becomes necessary to hire an attorney to prosecute or defend a claim, there are still steps that the client can take to minimize the price of litigation. The first is to ask questions about cost of litigation, including requesting a budget.


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