Here’s What Manufacturing Businesses Should Know About Inspections

Here’s What Manufacturing Businesses Should Know About Inspections

Manufacturing in Arizona continues to expand at a rapid pace with pre-pandemic statistics of more than $30 billion and 8.61% of the total output in the state, as well as 5.96% of the workforce reflected in hundreds of thousands well-paying jobs. However, many manufacturers are not aware that they enjoy a “Regulatory Bill of Rights” that guarantees protections for them under state, county, and municipal laws.

In particular, these laws require government inspectors to conduct on-site inspections and audits in a way that ensures a fair, structured, and transparent process. There also must be a reasonable opportunity for the manufacturer to work with the inspector to get the facts right and the opportunity to correct compliance problems before the government makes a final compliance determination.

Rights for State and County Inspections

In order to safeguard your manufacturing business rights, here is a sampling of what the inspector must do:

  • Present a photo ID and state the purpose of and legal authority for the inspection
  • Give a written copy of the Regulatory Bill of Rights
  • Allow your authorized representative to accompany the inspection and have your experts and attorney be there to advise you
  • Give written notice of your right to have splits and results of any samples taken, copies of any original documents taken, and copies of any documents to be relied upon by the inspector to determine compliance
  • Give notice that participation in an interview is voluntary
  • Give notice before making an audio recording of a conversation
  • State your right to review and revise the inspector’s summary of any witness statement
  • Give notice of the right to protect trade secrets and/or proprietary and confidential information taken from you


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