Dairy Rule Hearings End With A Proposal

Albuquerque Journal

Dairy Rule Hearings End With A Proposal

Like nearly half of permitted dairies. Big Sky has had issues with groundwater contamination. The Vado
dairy is currently in abatement.

The dispute over the so-called dairy rule ended before the hearings had barely begun.

On Monday, the dairy industry and clean-water advocates reached an agreement with the state on changes to the dairy rule governing how dairies dispose of wastewater. Both sides say they gained some and lost some in the proposed settlement, which must be approved by the Water Quality Control Commission.

Hearings scheduled to last all week in Roswell were called off after four-and-a-half hours, thanks to the agreement hammered out during the previous six days, according to attorneys for the dairy industry and citizens’ coalition.

It was something that came together very quickly. After we had all turned in the testimony before the hearing and people were reading it closely, perhaps the light went on and we realized we weren’t as far apart as we thought we were.

Dal Moellenberg, G&K Shareholder Representing the Dairy Industry Group for a Clean Environment


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