20 Young Business Leaders to Watch in 2020


20 Young Business Leaders to Watch in 2020

Shareholder Hannah Porter has been listed among the top 20 young business leaders to watch in 2020.

Today’s young business leaders are changing the face of business and bringing new ideas and innovations to Arizona that make it a better place to live, work, and play. 

Michael Gossie, Editor-in-Chief AZBigMedia

We have all read about — or talked about (mostly behind their backs) — the stereotypes that have been assigned to the younger members of today’s workforce (think age 40 and younger). Too many people view today’s young business leaders as a generation of cornhole-in-the-office-playing, craft-beer-drinking, selfie-stick wielding narcissists who are way too self-involved because they grew up in an era when everyone goes home with a trophy.

Think again.


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