Guest Column: $5M Award in Mental Health Negligence Case

Record Reporter

Guest Column: $5M Award in Mental Health Negligence Case

Jennifer Johe found herself in a situation confronting so many families today – how to help her teenage son, Steven, who was battling mental health and drug abuse issues.

A widow for ten years, Jennifer invested thousands of dollars and hours attempting to help her son.

In 2014, after a relapse by her son, she did a nation-wide search and found Sierra Tucson, a rehab facility that promised her they could help her son with his underlying OCD/anxiety and drug issues. She put over $41,000 on her credit cards and flew from her small New Jersey town across the country with her son to Tucson after being reassured Steven would get the finest care available. Four days later, Steven was found dead in his bed at Sierra Tucson.

Jennifer began a 5-year quest to understand what happened, why her son died, and later to hold Sierra Tucson accountable for his death.


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