The College Athletes: Playing the Game of Law

Attorney At Law Magazine

The College Athletes: Playing the Game of Law

John Norling was featured in the Attorney At Law Magazine article, "The College Athletes: Playing the Game of Law."

John played guard and center for the Wichita State University football team while pursuing his undergraduate degree on full scholarship, and before joining the Shockers, John played for Scottsdale Community College.

I believe that the game of football is one of the ultimate preparations for the game of life. It teaches the importance of competition, accountability, selflessness, teamwork, the ability to maintain your composure when things are going wrong around you, and the pure joy that comes out of a team victory. The game also teaches one how to deal with and overcome adversity. In football, as with any sport, you are routinely faced with adversity and need to fight through it. The same thing occurs in life and the practice of law.

John Norling

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