Credit Unions

Credit unions operate in a constantly changing regulatory environment. They encounter unique issues in their daily operations and must offer both traditional and innovative consumer financial products to stay competitive.

Led by Lindsay Leavitt, our team is committed to staying informed about these issues affecting credit union clients and providing specialized corporate legal counsel on regulatory issues affecting membership, contract review and negotiation, corporate governance and formation, and commercial litigation and dispute resolution.

Regulatory Compliance & Field of Membership

We monitor and advise our credit union clients on the ever-changing federal and state laws and regulations that directly affect operations, services, and products. We also represent clients before their regulators in matters that may call for discrete legal representation.

For state-chartered and federally-chartered clients, we advise on the process for expanding their field of membership in order to offer their services to communities in need of their services.

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Contracts, Governance & CUSO Formation

Our comprehensive experience in matters of regulatory compliance enables us to spot regulatory issues lurking in contractual provisions. To avoid these potential risks, we regularly assist credit unions in evaluating, negotiating, and documenting business transactions with various third-party vendors and service providers in the financial services industry. 

We also advise clients on forming or investing in Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) and on the best structure for the entity. In anticipation of aggressive expansion, we provide sophisticated drafting and revising of internal bylaws concerning the responsibilities and liabilities of boards of directors, officers, directors, and committee members in each of their unique roles.

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Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Lindsay has successfully defended several credit unions in proposed class actions and other complex litigation. We also represent clients in various collection practices (FDCPA) matters and litigation involving claims of fraud, deceptive trade practices, breach of fiduciary duty, and other business-related disputes. We also have vast experience handling all aspects of commercial litigation, insurance coverage litigation, as well as insurance defense.

In claims involving members and business partners, we help clients respond to garnishments, subpoenas, and other actions seeking member information. 

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