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Summer Program

Summer Program
Gallagher & Kennedy provides an extensive nine-week summer associate program. We recruit motivated, bright, and energetic attorneys who combine intelligence with strong interpersonal skills and a variety of interests. Our associates come from diverse backgrounds, are excited by new challenges, and help us improve and continue to be a law firm defined by innovation, work ethic, and commitment to the community. Our clients expect and deserve superior legal counsel, and the firm attracts lawyers committed to excellence.

Many of our associates begin in our Summer Associate Program. Summer associate hires demonstrate exceptional strengths by being ranked at the top of their college and law school classes, are a member of a respected law journal, and are active in their school, community, and other civic organizations. Though academic excellence is a requirement, it is not our sole criterion. We seek lawyers who are well-rounded, energetic, creative, and dedicated to the practice of law. We put a premium on sound judgment, character, humor, and interpersonal skills.


Work Assignments
Gallagher & Kennedy endeavors to expose our summer associates to various practice areas such as litigation, personal injury, criminal defense, environmental, intellectual property, real estate, tax, and business and general corporate practices. In addition to conducting legal research and preparing motions and pleadings, summer associates accompany attorneys to mediations, depositions, hearings, and trials. The firm also involves summer associates in drafting agreements, business negations, and closing transactions. Our goal is to assign projects to summer associates that provide a balanced workload covering the areas of practice in which they are interested while allowing them to work with as many attorneys as possible and develop a thorough understanding of life as a G&K attorney.


Social Activities
As part of the summer program, summer associates participate in planned as well as spontaneous social events throughout the program.  These social encounters promote interaction between lawyers and summer associates outside the office.


Our mentoring program is designed to assist summer associates with any questions or problems that arise throughout the summer. Each summer associate is matched with a shareholder mentor. Mentors will periodically meet with their summer associate mentee to review and discuss their project evaluations, offer advice, and answer questions throughout the summer.


Our current summer associate compensation is $3,173 per week.