Tribal Enterprises and Transactions


Gallagher & Kennedy has a wealth of experience in legal matters affecting corporations, tribal enterprises and transactions. Our attorneys are able to offer a wide variety of services to tribal clients, from assisting them in navigating the vast array of corporate, real estate and gaming laws to offering practical solutions when providing tax and labor relations advice. Specifically, our attorneys can assist tribal clients by:

  • Organizing and serving as counsel on matters related to formation, corporate governance and operations for tribally-owned organizations
  • Reviewing and drafting commercial business documents, including contracts for construction, sales, services and independent contractors
  • Developing, negotiating and advising on joint ventures and leases between tribes, tribal enterprises and non-tribal entities
  • Aiding in the acquisition and use of trust lands
  • Providing advice on zoning and other land use issues
  • Negotiating casino management contracts and providing consultation on other Indian gaming issues pursuant to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, including dealings with the National Indian Gaming Commission and state and tribal gaming agencies
  • Providing advice on casino and tourism development, operations and financing issues
  • Serving as counsel on matters of intellectual property protections
  • Negotiating with state governments on tax collection agreements
  • Analyzing the liability of tribes and their members for state and federal taxes