PB&P Claims, Disputes and Litigation


Once the government makes its award, it generally allows disappointed bidders or proposers the opportunity to challenge, or “protest,” its decision. We have represented both the government and successful bidders in defending against such protests, and have represented disappointed bidders in protesting the government’s award.  On either side of the equation, having the right counsel on your side is critical.  Protest timelines move quickly, arguments can be waived if not raised in a timely manner, and bidders or proposers must actively defend their own bids or proposals.  We have litigated a number of complicated, high profile protests through political, administrative and judicial tribunals.  Our team has the resources, experience and skill to handle complex bid protest matters in a fluid environment within compressed timeframes.

Even after a procurement contract has been awarded, a dispute may arise between the government and the contract awardee, or between the awardee and a subcontractor.  Given the unique nature of government contracting, it is critically important to meet the government’s contract obligations and to establish a positive performance relationship with the government entity.  Our attorneys have a successful track record in resolving or, as necessary, litigating those contract disputes.