Property Zoning and Rezoning

Experienced land use and property zoning attorneys at Gallagher & Kennedy partner with clients to assess the risks and benefits of their potential projects before the development process begins.

Our attorneys work with investors, lenders, buyers and sellers statewide to identify the zoning classification of a property, and if needed, advise on the likelihood of obtaining higher zoning entitlements and facilitate that rezoning process. We also identify if there will be any conditions imposed upon the property and how those will impact the client.

Our research is focused on uncovering the barriers as well as benefits of developing or re-developing a specific site to ensure that our clients have the essential information readily available before they make the important decision to move forward with a project.

Another step that sometimes occurs before a project begins is rezoning a parcel of land to increase its value and/or to allow it to be used for a new purpose.

Gallagher & Kennedy’s land use and property zoning attorneys have decades of experience serving clients in Arizona. We work closely with city planning officials, elected officials, neighborhood groups and other key stakeholders to gain support and approval for zoning requests. Our longstanding connections in the community and strong relationships help us advance our clients’ requests efficiently and gain support and approval of zoning requests.

Representative Experience:

  • Represented a commercial developer in amending local zoning regulations, rezoning of land and negotiating infrastructure agreements
  • Assisted a client in successfully rezoning a 1,000 acre active adult community
  • Obtained zoning approval for a 2100 Megawatt generating station in Maricopa county
  • Obtained zoning approvals for auto dealerships in Phoenix
  • Obtained zoning approvals and related permits for resort hotels in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Maricopa County and Yavapai County

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