Social License & Community Relations

A company’s corporate culture impacts both its employees and the communities in which it operates.

The next generation of investors and consumers are concerned with the way organizations treat their employees and impact society. Operational excellence, health and safety prioritization, inclusion, supply chain management, and philanthropy drive investors, employees, and customers, increasing profits and reducing employee attrition and associated recruitment and retention costs.

Additionally, as more scrutiny is directed toward pay equity, bonuses, and severance packages for top management of public companies and governmental entities, it is critical that employers assess and update their policies and procedures surrounding hiring, engagement, compensation, and termination.

When your company makes a public claim, you have an obligation to ensure you have policies and management structures in place to support it. Otherwise, your company and its leadership will come under greater scrutiny for touting ESG-related goals without supporting policies and systems.

No matter how well-intentioned your efforts, the effect can be detrimental if not effectively communicated to key stakeholders, both internally and externally.

How Gallagher & Kennedy Can Help

We will help your organization create ESG programs that accurately speak to your involvement and commitment to being a positive influence in the workplace and in your community. From an internal audit and assessment to development and implementation, to communication and monitoring, we guide you through this process to help you build credibility and foster an authentic “social license” – how well your company is viewed as having a positive impact on your employees and the community in which you operate.

Tailored to your business’s needs, we develop strategies, policies, and management structures involving all aspects of your operations and corporate culture. This includes communication techniques when engaging with competing companies, rights-holders, and key stakeholders – such as government representatives, the media, homeowners’ groups, educational institutions, civil society organizations, and labor unions. We also conduct environmental and community impact assessments on planned and proposed operations and projects to determine the most appropriate and achievable goals.

Let our team serve as your ESG counsel to help you develop and/or evaluate your ESG program and help you communicate it to the public through different government filings and disclosures.

ESG is not a new catchphrase. It’s in everything you do and key to everything you want to achieve. It’s part of your company’s core values, culture, and mission statement. It’s your passion. And it’s ours.