Whether your company is looking to reduce its environmental footprint or address others’ concerns, G&K can help. We assist clients in navigating the laws and politics involved in developing an ESG Program and ensuring ESG goals are met to reduce legal and reputational risk. Environmental criteria may include climate policies, energy use, waste, water and air pollution reduction/prevention, carbon emission reduction, natural resource conservation, deforestation, and treatment of animals. Considerations may also include direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, management of toxic waste, and compliance with environmental regulations.

Investors and consumers are now demanding sustainably sourced and managed brands. Some may opt to invest in, purchase a product from, or use a service by a company that communicates its environmental awareness as opposed to a competitor who does not. However, “greenwashing” and under-delivering on goals can ruin a company’s reputation or run afoul of the SEC or FTC disclosures.

How Gallagher & Kennedy Can Help

Our environmental practice began at the firm’s founding in 1978 with the representation of mining and mineral processing operations. Today, we continue this work and represent public and private companies and trade associations involved in mining, semiconductor, utility, manufacturing, technology, real estate, waste management, and financial services in over 39 states and on tribal lands across the country.

Representative experience in state and federal matters includes defending and settling government enforcement actions, air and water quality permitting and compliance, water rights and management, solid and hazardous waste compliance, NEPA, endangered species and public land projects, due diligence, mineral and oil/gas exploration and development, mitigating risks in real estate transactions and development, Superfund liability, natural resource damages, and remediation and reclamation.

Federal and state legislative and administrative lobbying is a crucial component of our ESG practice. Our extensive institutional experience working with and in governmental agencies means we know how to accurately interpret and apply the myriad environmental and natural resources laws and regulations critical to reaching your goals.

The key to helping our clients meet their goals is through the continuous building and strengthening of relations between the government and our clients’ businesses. This includes legislative development, lobbying, and rulemaking at the local, state, and federal levels. We help our clients combine strategic growth with ESG priorities to ultimately benefit the economy, workforce, and local community.

Let our team serve as your ESG counsel to help you develop and/or evaluate your ESG program and help you communicate it to the public through different government filings and relations.

ESG is not a new catchphrase. It’s in everything you do and key to everything you want to achieve. It’s part of your company’s core values, culture, and mission statement. It’s your passion. And it’s ours.

Environmental Services Offered Through G&K:

  • Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Counseling
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Counseling
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Environmental Litigation
  • Environmental Lobbying, Legislation & Advocacy
  • Environmental Natural Resources
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Pollution Prevention and Mitigation
  • Environmental Regulatory Enforcement
  • Environmental Regulatory Permitting
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Environmental Rulemaking