Driving Under the Influence (DUI)


DUI is a serious criminal offense that has the potential to impact the financial, professional and personal aspects of the accused. Due to the magnitude of the potential consequences of a conviction, a highly experienced attorney who not only knows Arizona DUI law but who also knows the court systems, the science of DUI testing, the time-sensitive procedures and filings in DUI matters and who possesses the resolve to defend your rights and interests is absolutely essential.  If convicted of a DUI offense, consequences may include jail time, heavy fines, a suspended driver’s license, as well as a damaged reputation.  With so much at stake, a highly qualified attorney is critically important for you.

Whether the DUI is a first offense or a multiple repeat offense, every charge has significant impacts and risks.  Charges ranging from DUI to super extreme DUI and many other factors, such as where the offense occurred and the age of the driver or passenger(s), require the right DUI attorney to guide you.  Mounting the proper defense in a timely manner is paramount to the outcome of your case.

Gallagher & Kennedy’s criminal attorneys are experienced DUI attorneys who expertly represent clients in all aspects of their defense.  They know the specifics of DUI law in Arizona and understand and apply the science of blood alcohol test data to each matter.   We know how stressful these circumstances are and guide our clients step by step through what to expect throughout the process.  We have an unyielding resolve to defend your rights and seek the most favorable outcome for each client.

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