Conditional Land Use Permits and Variances

Land Use Permits

In some cases, a property may not need to be rezoned, but the developer or landowner is still required to apply for a use permit to move forward with a project. The conditional use permit process can be similar to the legislative process for a change to rezoning, or it can be a quasi-judicial hearing process that does not involve a planning commission or city/town council. The way in which a property is zoned may not be affected by a conditional land use permit. Also, a conditional use permit is generally not permanent and is usually granted for a specific time frame.

Navigating the land use permit process and obtaining variances when necessary is where we add value to our clients.  The attorneys at Gallagher & Kennedy have decades of experience assisting clients across the state, and have a highly successful track record of helping clients secure the land use permits required to efficiently complete their projects.

In cases where variances from the terms of a zoning ordinance are required, Gallagher & Kennedy attorneys help clients navigate the process. The special conditions requiring a variance most often involve the land or structure’s shape, topography, size, height, location or surroundings.

From initial meetings with city planners to completing applications and gaining the support of the community, area residents and officials, we work closely with clients to successfully process their variance cases.

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