LAW360 Interview with Randy Brogdon, “Gallagher & Kennedy Adds Troutman Pepper Enviro Atty”

By Madeline Lyskawa

LAW360 interviewed Randy Brogdon – G&K’s most recent addition – on his move back to the firm.

“Gallagher & Kennedy Adds Troutman Pepper Enviro Atty”

The former head of Troutman Pepper’s environmental practice has returned to Arizona-based Gallagher & Kennedy PA, where he started as an associate two decades ago, becoming its first Georgia-based shareholder.

Randy E. Brogdon, based in Atlanta, began his legal career with Gallagher & Kennedy in 1995 as an associate. Now, he’s returning after spending nearly 22 years with Troutman Pepper with the goal of breaking through big firm bureaucracy and expediting legal decision-making for his clients, he told Law360.

His clients were frustrated with corporate and big firm bureaucracy that often slowed decision-making, Brogdon said, which is antithetical to the quick pace of environmental law. Seeking to resolve this issue for his clients, Brogdon decided he wanted to build his practice from the ground up again by rejoining Gallagher & Kennedy, where he would be able to “cut through complexity” and make good decisions quickly for his clients.

“It’s a tough decision to leave a firm, but I talked a lot to them about this concept of reducing bureaucracy, being lean, mean, creative and innovative,” Brogdon said.

Brogdon said his clients, which include electric utilities, chemical companies, mining operations and landfills, have responded enthusiastically and liked his new approach.