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Gallagher & Kennedy’s government affairs and lobbying team has substantial experience representing clients and their interests at all levels of government.  Through our knowledge of governmental processes and longstanding relationships with policy makers, we have assisted clients by influencing governmental actions and policies relating to proposed laws, rules, ordinances, plans and programs at the local, state and federal levels.

We provide clients with a comprehensive range of lobbying services, public affairs services, issue monitoring and advocacy, regulatory tactics, counsel to political action committees (PACs), campaign administration and business development initiatives to help achieve their goals.  Our government affairs and lobbying team applies years of combined experience to parlay its accomplished record into the successful navigation of legislative complexities and regulatory processes for the benefit of our clients.

Our federal and state legislative work continues year-round, with special emphasis given to the in-session needs of our clients in support or opposition of targeted bills.  Additionally, our team has years of experience drafting legislation, rules and amendments which impact a wide diversity of industries.

Longstanding relationships allow for direct interaction with Arizona’s congressional delegation, the Governor and executive agencies, the State Legislature, the Attorney General, the Corporation Commission, the Departments of Environmental Quality, Water Resources, State Lands, Transportation, Commerce and many other State agencies.  At the local level, we are actively engaged with city councils, county boards of supervisors and various other local administrative bodies.

Specific competencies of the government affairs and lobbying group include the seasoned expertise of our environmental attorneys in environmental lobbying and issue advocacy within the mining, oil and gas, and agricultural sectors.  Within the area of natural resources regulation and compliance, our attorneys are experienced in preparing comments for clients, and we have handled appeals of federal rulemakings and represented clients in rulemaking hearings and appeals in Arizona and New Mexico.  Additionally, the Gallagher & Kennedy government affairs and lobbying team collaborates as needed with our public bidding and procurement attorneys on opportunities and issues confronting our clients. 

Quote Box Photo "Gallagher & Kennedy has an unsurpassed network of politicians and government regulators, both past and present. They completely understand the dynamics of New Mexican politics and government."

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