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Labor Law

Gallagher & Kennedy’s employment attorneys develop a team relationship with business clients to prevent and resolve labor law disputes. With over 30 years of experience representing clients ranging from Arizona’s largest employers to international businesses with an Arizona presence, to locally owned and operated companies, and non-profit organizations, we are sensitive to the importance of developing policies that are consistent with continually changing labor and employment laws. All of our clients desire a fair and safe workplace and work with us to avoid expensive government investigations and costly, disruptive litigation with their places of work.


When lawsuits or government investigations arise, we advise our clients on the options available to manage the risk, expense, and distraction to the business. If a problem arises for a client, we communicate the scope of the problem and suggest workable solutions, avoiding employment and legal jargon that can be burdensome for clients to decipher.

We aggressively defend against charges of discrimination and unfair labor practices, theft of clients or trade secrets, and wrongful termination lawsuits by ex-employees. Our attorneys regularly litigate before administrative agencies and in the state and federal courts to protect our business clients’ rights. We are mindful of the fact that, during, and after a lawsuit, our clients still have businesses to run. We coordinate our litigation strategy with clients to ensure that the litigation does not detract from their business operations.

When possible and desired, our attorneys seek alternative dispute resolution through mediation and arbitration of labor and employment disputes. We work to prevent and address sexual harassment claims, race, religion, gender, and age discrimination, and deal with matters of wrongful discharge. Our attorneys guide clients through the nuances of federal and state workplace regulations and respond to charges and investigations by the EEOC and state and local government agencies. We assist in preparing and enforcing restrictive covenants to prevent theft of customers and trade secrets, ensuring occupational safety and health, dealing with contracts, wages and benefits, labor-management relations, and a host of other employment litigation and labor law matters.


In our experience, employers who take protective steps to train their supervisors and workers on employment law issues have a much lower incidence of claims. We regularly work with our clients to develop and present training on avoiding sexual harassment, hiring and firing, and complying with state and federal employment laws.

We practice throughout Arizona and in New Mexico and, in conjunction with associated local law firms, throughout California, Nevada, and other western states to manage many businesses’ most valuable asset: their employees. Our philosophy is that our employer clients deserve fair and equitable treatment from their workers and the government. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving their business goals and to promote a positive, issue-free work environment.

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