Aviation Law

The lawyers of Gallagher & Kennedy have over 40 years of experience in aviation law, representing clients in federal, state and appellate courts in personal injury and wrongful aircraft tragedies, and before the Federal Aviation Administration and other aviation industry regulatory entities, and in jurisdictions across the country. Our track record of success, combined with the diversity of cases handled by Gallagher & Kennedy’s aviation lawyers, position our team at the forefront of U.S. aviation law. Kevin Neal is known to be one of the finest aviation lawyers in the United States.

Gallagher & Kennedy consults, represents, and defends clients in almost every facet of the aviation industry. We represent clients across the country who range from major airlines to catastrophically injured clients and those families who have suffered a wrongful death in aircraft disasters. While we understand unique circumstances and complexities in every aviation case, we leverage our vast and diverse aviation experience to benefit every client. Maintaining close communication with our clients throughout the full course of their legal matter is a top priority of our aviation team.

Our Gallagher and Kennedy aviation attorneys have led some of the country’s most high-profile aviation matters. We possess the skill and experience to move quickly to secure accident scenes, assist in the critical early investigation stage of a case, advocate for our clients and collaborate with industry experts in various areas to advance our clients’ interests.

Our attorneys were involved in virtually every aircraft disaster in Arizona in the last ten years;

  • Channel 3/15 mid-air helicopter crash over downtown Phoenix which resulted in four fatalities
  • Flagstaff Medical Center mid-air crash of two Air Evac helicopters which resulted in seven fatalities
  • Fixed-wing crash at Scottsdale airport resulting in the death of the pilots
  • EC-350 crash over Cave Creek, Arizona resulting in five fatalities
  • EC-350 crash in Tucson resulting in two fatalities
  • Numerous other aviation disasters over the last forty years

As a regulated industry, aviation businesses of all types require legal assistance across a wide array of operational considerations.  Kevin Neal skillfully guides clients through the legal matters they confront in normal operations.  Our experience includes work with the following sectors of the aviation industry, including:

  • Major and commuter airlines
  • Floatplanes
  • Business aircraft
  • Rotor wing aircraft
  • Law enforcement and medical aircraft
  • Vintage aircraft
  • Cargo operations
  • Fixed-base operations
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Private aircraft, whole and fractional
  • Aviation professionals