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Client Reviews

As you can imagine, even when a client’s case has turned out very well, many people are hesitant to broadcast to the world on the interwebs that they’ve been in trouble with the law.  As such, the following Testimonials and Reviews are very, very meaningful to us because these are people who have encountered a difficult situation in their lives, but were so impressed with our representation that they still felt comfortable to send us a quick “thank you” that we could put on our website.  We are very thankful for and appreciative of the kind words that you’ll find below.  It is important to note that not every case can be “won” but we will always communicate with our clients about what is possible under the circumstances.  Accordingly, you’ll notice that some of these reviews are merely thanking us for the time and advice that we provided even when the result wasn’t everything that we would have hoped for.  Excellent representation and reputation are our guiding principles.


“Jay is the best lawyer I have ever dealt with. I have had a few other lawyers in the past for other incidents and jay stands out by far. A few of my friends have used him and have had nothing but positive outcomes. I have also been to court with Woody and he is also an outstanding lawyer. If you ever find yourself in a predicament with the law use Jay or Woody. TRUST ME!! They kept constant communication with me throughout my case and any questions or concerns I had they would get back to me within the same day. I was looking at a considerable amount of time for multiple charges. Jay got five out of my six charges dropped and the one I have was reduced to the minimum possible charge. I highly highly recommend anyone to use this law firm. My friends and I call Jay the magician because he makes charges go away. Best lawyers out there!” – T.P.

Woody and Jay did a fantastic job on my case.  They presented all of the court proceedings, documents and details in a manner that was easy to understand (the process and paperwork can be confusing to decipher to a lay-person).  In this high-stress situation, Woody always promptly communicated back to me, either by phone or text message; and always made me feel at-ease.  Woody’s knowledge and understanding of the court system allowed me to make the right decisions throughout the entire process – with a fantastic outcome!  I couldn’t be more satisfied.” – B.S.

Amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, professional, on point…. Just a few words I could use to describe these wonderful humans. Woody, Isabella & Rosa came highly recommended in which they turned out to be just amazing people. Please don’t break the molds they came from we need more like them. So responsible, followed up on every little detail, had answer to ALL my questions, no BS deflection, decoy answers. Having a case is stressful e enough, knowing this team is on it will put your mind at rest. Woody, Isabella & Rosa…. Thank you from me & my family.  Hope to never see you again but if needed I’ll turn to you all!” – B.I.

“Jay has been an extremely helpful and reasonable lawyer who gets results and was very fair on pricing, especially using him a second time. Thank you Jay for all your help. Would recommend him for anyone looking for a criminal lawyer.” – G.L.


“Thank you again for working so hard for me, and giving me all the support I needed during this difficult time.  I would also like to commend your staff for all the courtesies they extended to me.”

Warmest regards – J.L.

Dear Woody,

Words cannot express how extremely grateful I am to you.  I honestly believed that once I quit drinking, I would never again have to deal with a DUI.  I forgot to consider the fact that we live in a state where one can be charged with DUI when they haven’t had a drop of alcohol. Scary stuff!

I came to you, feeling scared, and you put my mind at ease immediately.  Once you got involved in the case I felt much more confident.  Apparently, that was with good reason, because you literally saved me! You and I both know that life is not fair.  In fact, it’s pretty damn unfair.  But you managed to level the playing field, and got me out of a situation over which I had no control.  I felt like a drowning girl without a life preserver.  You pulled me out of the water & showed me that life need not be so unfair.  My attitude has gone from one of indignance to one of gratitude.

Thank you Woody! Thank you for the work that you’ve put into this case, and thank you for caring enough not to let them do this to me.  I will never forget what you’ve done for me.

Sincerely – L.G.S

“I would like to thank you for all the effort you put into my case.  This was a very hard time in my life and I appreciate the compassion you showed me.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know that needs an attorney. Thank you again!” – T.H.

“After interviewing several recommended attorneys, I chose Woody Thompson without hesitation. From start to finish, he provided me with honesty, dedication and realistic details about my case. The entire firm was extremely thorough with communication and follow-up supporting me every step of the way. Woody never gave up by tackling every angle of my case for the very best outcome possible.  In the end, both Woody and his partner Jay worked together resulting in a gratifying outcome. I highly recommend Mssrs. Thompson and Volquardsen for their outstanding representation!” – E.H.

“The charges that were brought against me were terrifying and life altering. I have never had to procure legal representation before and the horror stories from friends and family were enough to almost sway my decision to take on the punishment for something I really didn’t deserve.

Needless to say, I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for the personal and professional attention that you and your staff showed me over the course of my case.  Once I established myself as your client, I felt that a weight had been lifted and that I finally had someone on my side.  My calls were always returned promptly and any and all information that was requested was always returned promptly and any and all information that was requested was always sent over same day.  You and your assistant always made me feel as if I were your only client, when we both know that you are extremely busy.

Even if the outcome of my case had not been as favorable as it turned out, I would still recommend your services to anyone that found themselves in need of representation. You were confident, positive and always there when I had a question; you never made false statements and/or promises that were not 100% accurate; you always prepared me for what was ahead, good or bad and your knowledge of the Tempe Court Systems and its representatives was impressive to the point of comforting.  Again, thank you for everything.

Please consider me a positive reference at any time, if or when the need arises.” – R.I.

“I didn’t really get a chance to thank you for all your hard work. I would’ve been completely lost in this whole mess without you and am just so thankful for the time and dedication that you put in. As a teacher, I was so worried about having a DUI conviction on my record and truly can not express how thankful I am to you for helping me avoid having to do so.  Sooo…thank you thank you!” – J.S.

“Upon taking on my case, Woody immediately took control of the proceedings and simplified the entire process for me. He displayed a great amount of knowledge and was able to provide a course of action to get the best result based on my specific situation.  Woody provided thorough and dependable attention to my case which resulted in an exceptionally successful outcome. I would highly recommend Woody’s services.” – K.B.

“Woody, I am sure you heard from Jay that we won!  I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am and more so how sincerely appreciative I am of all that you did to make this happen.  Jay did an awesome job, as he was totally prepared, courteous, and extremely positive in his manner.  I am convinced that because of how prepared he was and how he handled himself that the judge rendered the decision he did.

I most genuinely wish to say thanks to you both for all that was done and can assure you that not only will I highly recommend your services, but if perchance, God forbid, I need your services again, I will not hesitate to call.  Thanks again.” – J.T.

“I was thoroughly impressed with Woody Thompson’s capabilities and support on my case. His expertise and experience was obvious from the very first meeting through the successful conclusion of my matter, both in court and in private consultation. Woody drove what resulted in a successful conclusion – and his attention to detail along the entire process, his completeness and consistent follow up, and his sincere caring about what was in my best interest will always be appreciated.” – R.T.

“Jay provided impeccable attention to my case. He knew the law, communicated it to me precisely, heard my concerns, answered my questions, alleviated my fear, and negotiated a fair, streamlined settlement. He was always friendly and upbeat, and in the end I could breathe a sigh of relief and feel satisfied that the very best had been done for me.” – D.C.

“I was arrested for trespassing on a railroad and given a ticket to that effect. Having done this a number of times during my college days to no ill effect, I expected no issues with my journey across the bridge.  The police were incorrigible and treated me like a hard-core criminal.  Within five minutes with the prosecutor, Woody had my case dismissed.” – M.F.

“I posted my case on the internet and after no more than a day I received a call from Mr. Thompson, where he stated his general work lines and strategies pertinent to my situation. Although, in the mean time, many law firms offered their services, I was determined to hire Mr. Thompson due to one important detail – honest feedback – detail that was not so evident talking to other law professionals that I researched.

The first consultation was free of charge and established the course of action, very well described, in plain terms but not holding back specific explanations if they were asked, from my side. With simplicity, I was informed about the up and downs of my case, the specific legal actions that can be initiated and not at least the flat fee for all these services. It is worth to mention here that the price paid for Mr. Thompson’s services is absolutely fair and just a fraction of other, many attorneys, that offered their services to me. And more, by breaking the amount into three, easy monthly payments, my budgetary constrains were relieved of additional stress.

From there, Mr. Thompson handled my case with competence and pinpoint precision in the actions that needed to be taken, proving this way to be extremely effective. He began to work on my motion for dismissal, preparing it with great diligence, often consulting his partner Mr. Jay S. Volquardsen, for the technicality of the case.  During this time, I was promptly informed about any detail that needed my attention or if I was requested to provide additional information that would help winning the case.

A few weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised and more than happy that he solved, in a record time, a case that could affect beyond reparation my future records as a safe driver. My case was dismissed even before the set court date, giving me the opportunity to continue to work without any worries about my job integrity.

In conclusion, the case was closed to my complete satisfaction and that was possible only due to Mr. Thompson’s in dept knowledge about law’s intricacies.

I would highly recommend Mr. Thompson and his partner, Mr. Jay S. Volquardsen, in any instance that requires legal counseling of very high competence and professionalism.” – F.N.

“Good morning, I wanted to take the time to write you a “thank you” letter for the handling of my case.  You were all very professional and handled it very carefully, in which is why the outcome came out so positive.  You all worked very hard for me and I cannot explain how much I appreciate all the effort, expertise and respect.” – T.W.

“Woody, thank you for all you did for my son. Best of luck to you always.” – J.C.

“Jay: Greetings and Happy Holidays to you, your family, and business associates!  Jay, this holiday season is something that probably could not have done in full conscious with complete holiday cheer, having what was just recently dismissed looming in the shadows.  With that said, on Friday of last week I received a voicemail from your office officially notifying me that the Judge signed off on the State’s request to dismiss my case and stating that she would send all pertinent information once received to me, for my records.  Well I did not want to wait until receiving those papers to compose and submit to you my thank you letter for a case that almost turned my life around for the worse.

Jay, please know that the words composed in this letter cannot and will not ever be able to truly communicate the sincerity I feel when I say thank you. Your staff, from day one, displayed consistent professionalism, showcasing a top down theory of professionalism to be exhibited to clients that obviously originates from both you and your law partner.  Referring clients to your firm will not be an issue. Jay, you, too, astonishingly displayed a consistent business protocol between legal counsel and client that I do not know is normal, but sure made me feel that your firm truly cared about the end result of my case.

In closing, again, thank you.  Jay, please enjoy your holiday season and feel good about the future.  You have remained committed to your business mission. God bless!” – C.S.

“Thank you Jay for all your help during this time. I am confident as we go into the final stages of sentencing that my best interest has been taken care of by you and your awesome staff since the first day we spoke.

I will highly recommend you and your team to anyone who I may know in the future in need of great representation. You all have always made me feel human and respected if that makes any sense.” – B.M.

“Jay, I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for me. I am very happy about the outcome and would recommend you to anyone and everyone who has a DUI case. Two things that stuck out the most is your patience and honesty, you wanted the best for me and that was obvious.  You are a world-class lawyer with a true talent!  I thought I had the gift of gab but you are the truth my friend. Thanks again and I will be in contact if anything else comes up.” – J.M.

“Woody: This is to thank you for your help with a felony complaint.  Your diligence, responsiveness and results were invaluable.” – C.D.

Woody and Staff,

“Thank you both for your hard work on my case.  I appreciate it immensely and am very happy with the outcome.  Hopefully I never need your services again.” – M.D.

Dear Woody,

“Thank you so much for all your help and expertise!  You have my highest recommendation and we cannot thank you enough for all that you did for our family.” – N.M.

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“Jay provided impeccable attention to my case. He knew the law, communicated it to me precisely, heard my concerns, answered my questions, alleviated my fear, and negotiated a fair, streamlined settlement. He was always friendly and upbeat, and in the end I could breathe a sigh of relief and feel satisfied that the very best had been done for me.”

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