Internal Investigations – Civil and Criminal

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Gallagher & Kennedy criminal law attorneys conduct internal investigations along with businesses and governmental agencies or consult when an entity elects to direct their own internal investigation.  We also advise clients on how to best to be proactive in avoiding the risk of consent decrees by the U.S. Department of Justice and other governing bodies.


One of the things that sets the Gallagher & Kennedy criminal law team apart from many other lawyers is our vast experience and success in actual trials.  Whether the case is complex and multifaceted, our attorneys develop strategy to pursue the most favorable result possible.   Many cases can be resolved successfully by a combination of thorough investigation, skillful presentation of legal issues to the court and robust negotiation of a favorable resolution.  Our lawyers excel in all the necessary components to process a criminal matter successfully.  If a trial is necessary, we have the skill, experience and resolve required to optimize the opportunity for success in a trial.

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“Jay provided impeccable attention to my case. He knew the law, communicated it to me precisely, heard my concerns, answered my questions, alleviated my fear, and negotiated a fair, streamlined settlement. He was always friendly and upbeat, and in the end I could breathe a sigh of relief and feel satisfied that the very best had been done for me.”

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