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A lawyer since 2000, Jay has been focusing his practice on criminal and administrative law for the last 15 years.  Jay has vast expertise in all felony and misdemeanor cases (from DUIs to allegations of sexual assault and everything in between) and has represented clients in nearly every courthouse in the State of Arizona.  In his career, Jay has represented thousands of individuals (both juveniles and adults) and businesses.  Additionally, many of Jay’s clients have been licensed professionals and, because of their experience with Jay, expressed a desire to have Jay help them through their professional licensing issues.


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“Jay provided impeccable attention to my case. He knew the law, communicated it to me precisely, heard my concerns, answered my questions, alleviated my fear, and negotiated a fair, streamlined settlement. He was always friendly and upbeat, and in the end I could breathe a sigh of relief and feel satisfied that the very best had been done for me.”

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