Vehicular and Traffic Offenses

Other Vehicular and Traffic Offenses in Arizona

Our Gallagher & Kennedy criminal defense lawyers have a long history of representing people in all manner of vehicular offenses.  Our team is highly experienced in achieving excellent results in both courtroom proceedings and collateral matters before the courts and the Motor Vehicle Department.  Our extensive experience enables us to achieve excellent results efficiently for our clients.

Our experience includes civil speeding through vehicular homicide and everything in between. Literally “everything” in between:

  • Civil Speeding;
  • Criminal Speeding;
  • Drag Racing;
  • Exhibition of Speed;
  • HOV-Lane Violation;
  • Reckless Driving;
  • Waste of Finite Resources;
  • No Headlights during required hours;
  • Photo-radar Speed Violation;
  • Photo Red Light Violation;
  • Failure to Drive in a Single Lane;
  • Failure to Control Speed to Avoid a Collision;
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident (both felony and misdemeanor);
  • ADOT / MVD License Suspension issues;
  • Office of Inspector General (OIG) Investigations.

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If you have been charged with a vehicular or traffic offense in Arizona or have been contacted by a state licensing agency, you owe it to yourself to discuss your legal options with an experienced Arizona vehicular and traffic defense lawyer. Contact the attorneys of Gallagher & Kennedy by calling (602) 510-9999 today.

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“Jay provided impeccable attention to my case. He knew the law, communicated it to me precisely, heard my concerns, answered my questions, alleviated my fear, and negotiated a fair, streamlined settlement. He was always friendly and upbeat, and in the end I could breathe a sigh of relief and feel satisfied that the very best had been done for me.”

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