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What is a “Super Extreme” DUI in Arizona?

A “Super Extreme” DUI is a relatively newer charge (2012) that is reserved for drivers whose Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is significantly above the “legal limit” of 0.08%. If your breath or blood test yields a result of 0.20% BAC or greater, you will likely be charged with “Super Extreme” DUI.

If you are convicted of Super Extreme DUI, penalties will include:

In addition to these court-ordered penalties, you will also have your license suspended for 90 days and will be required to have an Ignition Interlock Device installed in your vehicle for up to 24 months – though 18 months is more common. Clearly, a single Super Extreme DUI conviction can have a devastating impact on your life and future opportunities.

Gallagher & Kennedy Can Help With Your Super Extreme DUI Charge

Our Arizona DUI attorneys have extensive experience defending clients facing these and other DUI offenses. If you have been charged with a Super Extreme DUI, please consider consulting with an experienced Arizona DUI lawyer as soon as possible to learn how proper representation can be beneficial in the outcome of your case. Our DUI defense lawyers will prepare your case for court by scrutinizing all evidence brought against you for errors or inconsistencies and help protect your rights.

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If you have been charged with a Super Extreme DUI in Arizona, you may be facing severe penalties if convicted. To discuss your legal options with an experienced Arizona DUI Lawyer, contact the attorneys of Gallagher & Kennedy, by calling (602) 510-9999 today.

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