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How does an Arizona DUI Charge Affect Military Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement?


Many Americans choose the military as a career to gain practical experience, to obtain an education, and to serve their country. In light of the recent “down” economy, applications for enlistments are up which has made the application very competitive. Not only do applicants have to pass physical and psychological exams, but they also have to pass background checks.

Policies regarding DUI charges are different for each branch of the military. Branches that have more exclusive enrollment policies such as the Air Force and Marine Corps are less likely to consider candidates with a DUI conviction. In addition, a DUI charge can keep a candidate from gaining security clearances and make promotion within military ranks more difficult.

Retention and Advancement

A DUI conviction, and indeed any criminal conviction, can be a serious impediment to your ability to remain in the military and affect the availability for advancement.

With a currently shrinking military, a DUI conviction can trigger an “early kick out.” Another way of putting it is that a conviction that causes a reduction in rank could force an individual completely out of the military. In addition to a loss in rank, an individual will likely suffer a reduction in pay and have their duties changed.

Veterans’ Court

Gallagher & Kennedy shareholder, Jay Volquardsen, was one the first private defense attorneys in Arizona to participate in the City of Phoenix Veterans’ Court and has an extensive amount of experience navigating the process with the prosecutors’ office, the City Court itself, and the Veterans’ Administration (VA).

The Veterans’ Court Program has now expanded to Superior Court as well as the East and West Valleys. Mr. Volquardsen currently participates in all of the Veterans’ Courts in the Maricopa County.

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Our Arizona DUI attorneys have extensive experience defending clients facing these and other serious DUI offenses. If you have been charged with Military DUI consider consulting with an experienced Arizona DUI lawyer as soon as possible to learn how proper representation can be beneficial in the outcome of your case. Our DUI defense lawyers will prepare your case for court by scrutinizing all evidence brought against you for errors or inconsistencies and help protect your rights.

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