Driving under the influence (DUI)

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While DUI is one of the most commonly charged criminal traffic offenses in Arizona, it is also a serious criminal offense that has the potential to impact an individual’s financial, professional, and personal life. Due to the scope of the potential consequences of a DUI conviction, it is essential to have a highly-experienced attorney who not only knows Arizona DUI law, but who also knows the court systems, the science of DUI testing, the time-sensitive nature of the procedures and filings in DUI matters, and who possesses the resolve to vigorously defend your rights and interests.  If convicted of a DUI, the consequences will include jail time, substantial fines, a suspended driver’s license, as well as a damaged personal and professional reputation.  With so much at stake, a highly-qualified attorney is critically important.

Whether the DUI is a first time or repeat offense, every charge has significant impacts and risks.  Gallagher & Kennedy’s DUI defense attorneys can guide you through the many important factors in each matter. Mounting the proper defense in a timely manner is paramount to the possibility for a successful outcome in your case.

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If you have been charged with a DUI in Arizona, you will face significant penalties even if you are not convicted! To discuss your legal options with an experienced Arizona DUI Lawyer, contact the attorneys of Gallagher & Kennedy, by calling (602) 510-9999 today.

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