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Driving Under the Influence (“DUI”) is one of the most commonly cited criminal charges in the State of Arizona.  As such, if you have been charged with or arrested for DUI in Arizona, you should immediately contact an experienced defense attorney that regularly and frequently handles DUI cases.

Gallagher & Kennedy shareholders, Woody Thompson and Jay Volquardsen, have more than thirty (30) years of combined experience defending people accused of DUI and can help defend you.  Cumulatively, Woody Thompson and Jay Volquardsen have defended more than 5,000 individuals against all types of DUI charges – both felony and misdemeanor.

Woody Thompson and Jay Volquardsen have a perfect “5 Star” rating from Google Reviews, are both rated as “Excellent” Attorneys by AVVO, and have a perfect rating on Yelp!.  Their offices at Gallagher & Kennedy are located in Phoenix, Arizona in the iconic Esplanade at the Biltmore.  While located in the heart of Phoenix, Woody and Jay defend DUI cases all over the State of Arizona – from Lake Havasu to Safford, Flagstaff to Tucson.  Moreover, Woody and Jay have appeared in every city and county court in Maricopa County.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, whether felony or misdemeanor, you owe it to yourself to immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Jay and Woody have handled all types of DUI (and other, related criminal traffic charges), which include:

A Word about Our Team and Approach

One of the things that sets the Gallagher & Kennedy criminal law team apart from many other law firms is our vast experience in handling DUIs and our developed ability to negotiate with the state. Many cases can be successfully resolved without having to actually “go to trial” through a combination of thorough investigation and a skillful presentation of the case’s potential weaknesses to the state. Make no mistake; our lawyers excel in all the necessary components to handle any type of criminal matter successfully.  Though we are skilled negotiators, if a trial does become necessary, we have the skill, experience and resolve to optimize the opportunity for success in a trial.


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What our clients are saying

“After interviewing several recommended attorneys, I chose Woody Thompson without hesitation. From start to finish, he provided me with honesty, dedication and realistic details about my case. The entire firm was extremely thorough with communication and follow-up supporting me every step of the way. Woody never gave up by tackling every angle of my case for the very best outcome possible. ”

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