I’m a Doctor of Osteopathy and I’ve been charged with a DUI. What happens next?

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First, you should immediately contact a lawyer who has experience handling matters before the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners.  The attorneys at Gallagher & Kennedy have appeared before virtually all of the professional licensing boards in the State of Arizona, including the AZDO.gov Board.  Consult with a criminal law attorney at Gallagher & Kennedy (602) 510-9999 for any specific questions regarding your license and reporting requirements.


After you have consulted with an attorney, you and your attorney must immediately report the pending charge to the Board.  Indeed, if the charges are not reported within the 10-day statutory window, then you’ll also be dealing with the issue of failing to report – which the State of Arizona has deemed to be an act of unprofessional conduct.  Put another way, the failure to timely report is going to compound the issues that you’re facing with regard to your professional license.


Once reported, the Board will conduct its own investigation into the pending charges and require you (through your attorney) to provide additional information to the Board.


Oftentimes, if there have been no prior issues with the Board, the Board will recommend a substance abuse screening and treatment program.  The Board been specifically authorized by the State of Arizona to establish a confidential program for the treatment and rehabilitation of licensees who may be impaired by substance abuse (as defined by A.R.S. § 32- 1861).


When the treatment is completed, a physician is often determined to be safe to return to practice,  provided that the physician is willing to enter the Board’s Monitored Aftercare Program (MAP).  Placement in MAP allows the Board to monitor a physician’s recovery and learn of any relapse events.  The Board will typically offer a stipulated agreement for the monitoring of the physician’s rehabilitation.  So long as there is evidence of the physician’s intent to comply, the stipulation will be entered after consultation with the Board’s Investigative Staff, a medical consultant, and a Board member.

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