Robert Erven Brown

Over his 40+ career, Bob has focused his law practice in nonprofits, real estate and commercial transactions. Through his nonprofit work over the last 15 years, Bob has represented secular and faith-based nonprofit entities, including churches, para-ministries, human services organizations, faith-based schools and other faith-based entities. He has become a trusted advisor to executive leaders, board members and committees in the identification of risks and implementation of appropriate protections for key assets of the organization. He counsels boards and leadership teams on campus development and construction, entity planning services, real estate asset protection, insurance coverage and other aspects of ongoing operations.

Bob is founder of The Campus Preservation Planning© program which protects critical assets of faith-based ministries and secular charities against uninsurable, under-insured, and uninsured unjust claims while simultaneously improving overall risk management and stewardship performance. As the head of Gallagher & Kennedy’s Church & Ministry practice group, he brings his own faith and passion for ministry to each and every client matter, which makes him an especially valued resource within the church and ministry community.

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